Angelia’s Story

In February 2009, I was eating breakfast and noticed that it hurt my mouth to eat. I went to the mirror to find the source of the pain. I found a small hard lump on the floor of my mouth. I contacted a dentist and got in right away. He said I needed a biopsy ASAP. I went to an ENT who gave me antibiotics to get rid of what he thought was infection, but it did not help. I then had a CT scan and nothing showed up, but I was put on three more weeks of antibiotics for a sinus infection. Next, I went to an Oral Surgeon who told me to return in a month. By this time it was the beginning of April and it had gotten worse.  I contacted the ENT and told him that I had also developed ear pain. He saw me right away and we scheduled surgery for April 30th.

After he performed the surgery he told us that he did not believe it was cancer, but sent it off anyway. We got the report back a few days later and it was cancer. I was then sent in for more surgery to make sure it was all taken out. I had a PET scan in July and all was clear.

In September 2009, I began to have ear pain again and we watched it for a month. In October I had a another lump on the back of my tongue. We scheduled surgery and it was cancer again and more aggressive than the first. Thus began chemotherapy and radiation. I completed treatment February 1, 2010 after spending time in the hospital due to complications of radiation. I am now anxiously awaiting my next PET scan in two weeks. I am still having ear pain, throat pain, and tongue pain and still cannot eat by mouth, but I do have a PEG tube.

I was 31 when I was diagnosed and am 32 now.  I have never been a smoker, drinker nor have I done drugs. I do not have HPV. Oral cancer can hit anyone. Make sure you go see your dentist and make him/her do oral cancer screenings. They are very important and can save your life..



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