Cancer Spots Detected at Benefit in Irving, TX

On September 20th, we had the treoral cancer foundationmendous opportunity to participate at Pegasus Skating Group and Support for People with Oral and Head and Neck Cancer (SPOHNC) SKATE4SPOHNC event. The event was held in Irving, Texas.

We had a chance to examine about 20 people and to our surprise, there were many over five possible cancer spots that were detected and documented.  We were thankful to have been there in order to detect the cancer.

We also had a pleasure to meet many oral cancer survivors that are determined to fight this battle with us.

Special thanks go to Rick Agee who put this event together and to the hospitable and friendly participants that made this event an unforgettable memory.

“Together we fight oral cancer. Together we save a life every hour.”  – The Fight Oral Cancer Foundation


Together we fight oral cancer. Together we save a life every hour.

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  1. rick agee says:

    good job Lee and arma. You guys are really something special

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