Consistent Alcohol Consumption Can Lead to Oral Cancer

alcohol and oral cancerAccording to an article by the American Association of Cancer Research, in 2001 “approximately 30,000 individuals developed cancers of the oral cavity, larynx, and pharynx” in the United States. Since that time the numbers have greatly increased due to HPV’s increase and other high-risk habits still being practiced.

Along with the use of tobacco products, alcohol use is another leading cause of oral cancer. The use of tobacco and alcohol together create an even higher risk of cancer. In fact the Nursing Times posted an article that states that approximately “three quarters of oral cancers are thought to be caused by smoking and drinking alcohol.”

The American Cancer Society published an article recently describing the affects of alcohol consumption on the risk of cancer. It has become clear over the years that excess alcohol consumption or even simply consistent consumption will increase the risk of cancer, and even more so, the risk of oral cancer.

The American Cancer Society states: “Oral cancers are six times more common in alcohol users than in non-alcohol users. About 75% to 80% of all patients with oral cancer consume alcohol frequently. Smokers who also drink are at much higher risk.” Generally, it has been found that men who have two drinks a day and women who have one drink a day show an increased risk of cancer. Decreasing your intake of alcohol will also decrease your risk of cancer.

If you have a habit of having an alcoholic drink on a daily basis, you may want to consider lowering your consumption in order to lower your risk of cancer. If in addition you use tobacco products, consider working towards eliminating tobacco altogether. These two factors could have long-term effects on your health. The risk is not worth it.


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  1. Oral cancer affects lips, tongue, cheek, base of mouth, throat etc. There are many symptoms seen like swelling, red and white patches inside the mouth, bleeding, difficulty in chewing, loss in weight etc. Lot of smoking and drinking are the major causes of oral cancer. Proper diet is very much necessary for curing oral cancer.

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