The Founder-Armaiti Shahidi Fitzgerald

At some point in our lives, most of us have crossed paths with very special people who have been affected by the life threatening disease of Cancer.

In memory of an extraordinary woman I’ve always considered a second mother to me, I want to spread the word about a cancer we rarely hear about and one that claims more lives in the United States every year than Breast Cancer. That silent killer is Oral Cancer.

Due to a lack of awareness and understanding, 480,000 people across the globe discover that they have Oral Cancer every year, and 8,000 of those individuals in our country alone are told that this cancer will claim their lives unnecessarily. That is because, compared to other cancers, very little has been done to warn the public of Oral Cancer which can be treated through early detection and proper treatment. Sadly, without this life saving information, people are unable to make the very best healthcare decisions for themselves and their loved ones.

Though I could not make a difference in my dear friend’s life after she was diagnosed with Oral Cancer, on behalf of her and the many people who no longer have a voice, I want to take the opportunity to enlighten the world. We all are blessed with the chance to help each other and equip the younger generations with the proper tools to make better decisions regarding oral hygiene, and it needs to start now.

If only one life, family or home can be saved it will be worth all our efforts.

“Together We Can Fight Oral Cancer.
Together We Save A Life Every Hour”

-Armaiti Fitzgerald


Together we fight oral cancer. Together we save a life every hour.