HPV/Oral Cancer Infographic

Did you know that a history of six or more oral sex partners increases men’s risk of developing throat cancer more than eight-fold?


My name is Erin Leo and I work in the Digital and Social Media Department at The Mount Sinai Hospital in NYC. Yesterday, Michael Douglas announced that his throat cancer was caused by oral sex and HPV: http://cbsn.ws/1aXlW1s


Mount Sinai’s ENT/Head and Neck Surgery Department has been at the forefront of the diagnosis and treatment of this recently detected cancer that is evolving into an epidemic. To help educate interested readers about this cancer, we’ve created an  HPV Infographic at www.mountsinai.org/hpvinfo, which is a snapshot of the link between oral sex and cancer, HPV/oral cancer symptoms, prevention tips, and risk factors.


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