Self Examination

Oral Cancer Self Examination

Look for any white, red spots or sores in your mouth specially on the floor of the mouth and on your tongue that do not go away after seven to fourteen days. Ask your dentist to check these. If you notice any swelling in your mouth or in your throat or in your neck that does not go away after seven to ten days. A lump on the lip or in the mouth needs to be checked. Also look for any white patches in your mouth. Oral cancer screening takes only couple of minutes.

The most common areas for oral cancer in the mouth are the floor of the mouth & sides of the tongues where contact the floor of the mouth.

Refer to Image Source page for photos on how to do self oral examination.

Six Step Screening courtesy of Eva Grayzel:
Six Step Oral Cancer Screening




Together we fight oral cancer. Together we save a life every hour.