New Surgery Kills Inoperable Cancers

When we hear the term “inoperable cancer”, a sense of hopelessness can often times accompany it.  Thus, when we hear of a new surgery that is making waves in the medical community and positively affects cancers that have been termed, inoperable, hope comes.  There is a new laser surgery that holds the following claim: “Patients with inoperable head and neck cancer have had tumours “drop off” after treatment with a new form of laser therapy, doctors say.”

Further claims of the new surgery as reported by the Health Correspondent for Times Online state:

Colin Hopper, a head and neck surgeon at the hospital, is leading the study. He said that patients with advanced or recurring cancers who had stopped responding to chemotherapy had experienced benefits.

One patient with an inoperable tumour on his tongue saw it disappear completely, while another, with advanced sarcoma on his jaw, lived for six months, far longer than doctors previously predicted.

Although news of oral cancer never falls on a willing ear, there is still hope.  Technology is advancing and the world is standing strong as we support those that are working feverishly to find a cure.

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