Oral Cancer Kills One Person, Every Hour, Every Day

The below excerpt on Oral Cancer comes from a Press Release from Identafi 3000 titled: AAOMS 91st Annual Meeting in Toronto Oct. 15-17 – Offers Opportunity for Identafi 3000 Ultra Demo

Oral cancer kills one person, every hour, every day, Trzeciak observed.

“Oral cancer is typically detected by a doctor, not a dentist, by which time it is usually a late-stage diagnosis,” he said. “In fact, 40 percent of those diagnosed with oral cancer will be dead in five years and 78 percent diagnosed with Stage IV, late-stage cancer will be dead in five years. Early detection of oral cancer would improve the survival rate to 80 to 90 percent.” He noted that fewer than 15 percent of those who visit a dentist get screened regularly; rarely is the best available technology used.

“When you look at the five-year mortality rate for oral cancer, it’s scary,” Trzeciak said. “Oral cancer is more deadly than the more familiar cancers: breast, cervical, and prostate, and also more deadly than liver, kidney, thyroid, or colon cancers.”


Together we fight oral cancer. Together we save a life every hour.

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