Oral Cancer Technology: Identafi

Oral Cancer Both Sides PDFThe focus of this article is the Identafi technology and its effectiveness for finding oral cancers. Recently, a free oral cancer screening was held at Saratoga Race Course in Houston. Using the technology they were able to find a case of oral cancer.

“You have a lot of people who come from all over the country, especially to Saratoga,
who haven’t been to a dentist,” Dr. Robert Trager said. “Even the ones who have been
to a dentist still don’t realize what oral cancer is and how deadly the threat can be.”

As with all cancer, early detection is a key point of survival.  New technology like the Identafi makes early detection even more likely.  For dentists looking for a new piece of technology to benefit their patients, please click on the icon to the lift for the complete article.


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